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Hideaways Takes a Short Break

Ahhhh, August. This is the month when the folks here at Hideaways Exuma plan our vacations. Hideaways will close August 30th, and we’ll be taking a few weeks to switch places with our guests—cramming too much stuff in our suitcases, praying against flight delays, and hoping everything will turn out perfectly. Here are our top…


Return of the Lobster on Exuma

For everyone in Exuma—whether in to fishing or not—August 1 marks a key date. It’s the beginning of lobster season, and that means some tasty “bugs,” as these crustaceans are lovingly known, will soon be available. Any longtime Exumian (and most restaurants) freeze a few to get through the off season. But as with most…

Exuma Bahamas Vacation

3 Words to Sound Like a Bahamian

When visiting a new place, many of us want to avoid sounding like a bumbling tourist. Of course, the people of the Exumas are exceptionally welcoming and will happily introduce you to their culture and favorite phrases. But for the over-achiever, here are three words that, said correctly, can make you sound like you didn’t…


After Booking a Beach Front Rental

4 “To Do” Items that will Maximize Your Fun Factor Visitors to Exuma enjoy the hospitality and relaxed atmosphere of a small island. The only complication is that demand for services can, during peak season and off-season when some providers close down, outstrip supply. Don’t miss out on what you most want to see and…

Boat Rental in Exuma

A Better Day on the Water

Tips for Boat Rentals Elizabeth Harbour is the Caribbean’s largest natural protected harbor, so you can’t go wrong by renting a boat [link to boat rentals] and seeing this treasure. Here are a few things you can do to make your day safer and easier: Test your radio before you go Gain confidence with a…