Hideaway Bird Watching

Bird Watching in the Exumas

Bird watching, you say? Yep! For those of you who call yourselves birders, from novice to pro, be prepared to revel in all of the species of birds the Exuma islands and cays have to offer. Exuma consists of over 365 cays, and between these 365 cays including Great Exuma and Little Exuma island, there…


The Exuma Island’s Upcoming events

Every location has its annual events and Exuma is no different. The Exuma Islands have many annual traditions including festivals, regattas, homecomings, and more! These successful annual traditions have been going on for many years, and each year they bring beauty and enjoyment to all of their attendees. This summer is no different! Having a…

Pig Island

A Unique Exuma Excursion Experience

Whether having visited the Caribbean in the past, or planning a trip in the future, many of you have likely heard about the common excursions available to tourists. These can include swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, ATV jungle tours, and many, many more. These excursions are offered throughout most of the Caribbean’s sunny and tropical locations,…


Great Exuma Island

Welcome to Great Exuma Island…. The Exuma Islands in the Bahamas are becoming an increasingly popular destination for vacationers. Many of the rich and famous vacation here and a great deal of them purchase land including their own private islands, or ‘cays’ as they are called here in Exuma. So why should you consider a…


Travelling for Vacation

Hey, Wait… What about the Flight?Travel Tips & Tricks for an Enjoyable Flight We, as travellers, spend quite a bit of time putting our travel plans together. From picking the destination, to choosing our excursions and tours, down to meals, drinks, and how we are going to get around while we are there. Yep, we…